Gelato 64 Presents:

The Gelato Bar

The Hotttest Trend at the Coolest Events!

We can do as little as 75 guests to venues over 1200 people . With our five curved glass Gelato bars (not reach-in street vending carts), we can accommodate nearly any size venue! We do more Gelato catered events than perhaps all of our phoenix Gelat0 competitors combined!

Price for a catered event is $5.00 per guest (75 guest minimum).
Includes gelato bar and staff for up to two hours.

We know what the venues expect!  

We arrive fully decorated and well-presented, ready to serve fresh homemade Gelato out of our refrigerated Gelato bars.  I.E. there are  no distractions!  We are fully set up in minutes before serving. Our specially designed Mercedes Gelato van is full  “electrified,” Therefore we leave our shop and arrive with gelato ready to serve. No Styrofoam boxes to  carry in and out, no pre-running the cart to get cold after sending it by rented truck or trailer, all which could make for distractions and lengthy set up times.

Corporate Catering






Yes! We can bring that Gelato Bar experience to your next event!  Are you tired of the same old,  coffee and donuts?  Bagels and cream cheese?  Cookies and cake?  Once the word gets around that there is a gelato bar on site, the staff come out of their offices!  Coffee and donuts are too common and often times avoided because of their unhealthy qualities.  Gelato is fresh, different and a real treat.  It is 1/3 the fat of regular ice cream yet more creamy and flavor intense.  Our sorbettos are all fruit, and are dairy and fat free.  One taste and they’ll be back every time the gelato bar is there!  Everyone will love it and thank you for it!








Our gelato bar brings the WOW factor!!  We roll into your reception ready with our display cases. Show ready Gelato that will brighten up the room with our back lit Gelato bar by where the Gelato sits up high is visible from across the room. Since they ride in a specialty van with electricity, it takes us less than 20-30 minutes from arrival to serving time. LOW fuss, no boxes, etc. Your guests will look over and start salivating. Its been the latest rave at wedding receptions. Our gelato is gourmet, handmade, and beautifully presented!  So whether you offer the gelato bar in addition to, or in place of the traditional wedding cake,  you and your guests will be impressed.  Priced less than the average slice of cake, and offering a minimum of six flavor choices at your reception, the gelato bar provides more dessert variety for your guests, more value for you and a much more memorable experience for all.

“Gelato  Bar-Mitzvah”

Everyone is looking for something new and exciting to bring to their Mitzvah and the gelato bar is it.   Whether you’re 3 or 103 everyone loves ice cream and regular american ice cream pales when contrasted to authentic, artisan, gourmet gelato and sorbetto.   Chose from over 200 flavors, including all fruit, dairy and fat free sorbettos.   We’ll do the rest!    The gelato bar is a really impressive and extremely affordable addition to your Mitzvah.     The kids will love it and the adults won’t stop talking about it.    Don’t have just an average mitzvah when you can have a “Gelato Bar-Mitzvah” 🙂

          Private Parties & Special Events

We are definitely a bargain with large groups but if you have that special occasion and want you make it extra special, then have us there nonetheless.   Our professional staff can tailor a small group rate for as few as 50 people.